He Owes His Ex-Wife About $12,000, But Screw Her!

He was ordered in our divorce to pay for a credit card he took out in their names.  They've been divorced for almost three years and he hasn't made one single payment on it.  Why pay for something when you don't have to.  He doesn't care that it wrecked his credit.  And he definitely didn't care that it was wrecking his ex-wife's credit.  His ex-wife was so sweet to him though.  To save her credit, she paid off the almost $10,000 credit card.  She's been hounding him for the money for years, but he says screw that woman!  She's a fool for ever thinking this thief would pay her back.  

He was also ordered to pay for all the bills in his name.  He had a storage unit with all of his ex-wife's stuff in it.  So what did he do?  He didn't bother paying it!  Screw his ex-wife and his daughter!  He racked up over $1,700 in storage unit fees.  If his ex-wife wanted her stuff that badly, then she could pay for it.  And she did pay for it!  He owes her this money, but you guessed it, screw her!  Once again, he don't care about his ex-wife or his daughter.  

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