He Loves To Beat His Wife, Sexually Assault Women, And Cheat People Out Of Money



Welcome!  His name is Jesse James Bohrer.  He was born the 8th of September 1975,  He is 47 years old.  He is owner of Midwest Drone Services out of Lima, Ohio.  He's currently on felony probation. 


Speaking of doing what he wants, this website is a list of everything you should know about him.  I decided to compile this list to make it easier for you to see who you're dealing with.  He's known for money laundering, illegally selling pharmaceuticals, fleeing the country, drinking and driving, stealing from Walmart, stealing your hard earned money, slapping his women when he's angry, and not paying for his daughter but pretending she's actually important to him.  Enjoy the reports and be sure to check out the pictures and videos.